Botany Symposium


NRM Science Conference

Botany 2016—past, present and future, a symposium of the State Herbarium of South Australia, held during the NRM Science Conference, 13–15 Apr. 2016.

Note that due to the great interest and the large number of speakers, the NRM Science Conference will now take place over three days, with Botany Symposium sessions scheduled on each of the three days. The conference will be held at The University of Adelaide.


Information for speakers & contributors

Conference registration

Speakers are not automatically registered for Conference & Symposium. Please go to the following web-site to register (registration is free).


BGSA Herbarium 60th ico#64E (2)The final details for abstract submission will be forthcoming, however, we request that you submit your abstracts in a timely manner to allow for editorial review before inclusion in the proceedings for the conference. Abstracts should be returned by email to Juergen Kellermann ( with a copy to Colin Cichon (, who will be compiling the book of abstracts for the Conference. We expect Botany Symposium abstracts to be submitted with the other NRM Science Conference abstracts, due on 10 March 2016.

Format of abstract

2 page limit (12 pt text), MS Word document (.docx)

Provide the following with your abstract:

  1. Title
  2. Author(s) [add superscript numbers for each organisation, if more than one]
  3. List you organisation or company [add superscript numbers if more than one]
  4. Presenter
  5. Please also include one (or more) contact email addresses.


   How do we measure the benefits of rabbit control for native vegetation?
   Mutze, G.1 and Jennings, S.2
       1 Biosecurity SA (
       2 Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
   Presenter: Mutze, G.



Time slots for each talk will be 15 minutes including questions, i.e. the talk itself should go for no more than 12 minutes. As there are several concurrent sessions running throughout the Conference, and people may want to move between sessions, we have to be very strict with timing of presentations. Please support us in planning your presentation appropriately. We suggest you focus on a few key messages and develop those rather than trying to present too much.

Your manuscript for the special issue of Swainsona

The State Herbarium’s journal will be renamed SWAINSONA in 2016

We envisage short review and synthesis articles, as well as position papers on the diverse range of topics covered in this Symposium. Please confirm that you will also write a paper for the special issue of Swainsona.

Length of articles will be limited to 5000 words or 6 printed pages. Illustrations or diagrams are encouraged, but the length of the manuscript needs to reduce proportionately to the number images you aim to have printed. All articles will be fully reviewed and we expect high standards to be met, however we acknowledge the nature of articles of this type won’t necessarily follow a traditional Introduction-Methods-Results-Discussion model. Please contact the Editor (Juergen Kellermann) if you have any questions about the various styles expected for such contributions.

For details on STYLE consult the most recent volume of the JOURNAL OF THE ADELAIDE BOTANIC GARDENS for formatting of text, references, etc. ( Please provide a short abstract and keywords.

Deadline for submission of papers is one month after the conference, 16 May 2016.  We are planning to publish the volume this calendar year so we hope you can complete your contribution in this timeframe. Again, discuss this with the Editor if this is unachievable. All manuscripts will undergo a reviewing process.


Information on the NRM Science Conference can be found here.