Fungi Workshops

The State Herbarium of South Australia hosted another Fungal Identification Workshop run by Pam Catcheside on 17 May 2016. This was a one day workshop with limited places.

The workshop was designed for those who may be involved in the collection, identification and documentation of fungi or who might encounter fungi in the course of their work or research.

The programme outline is available by following the link below.

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Workshop information for participants

The workshop session was held in the Goodman Building Lecture Theatre which is adjacent to the State Herbarium of South Australia (the old Tram Barn), Adelaide Botanic Garden, Hackney Road.

Workshop venue map

Aims Of Workshop

  • To give participants knowledge of the taxonomy, ecology and importance of fungi
  • To develop skills in collecting, recording, documenting and describing the larger fungi
  • To develop skills in identifying fungi

The Workshop Covered

  • Definitions of terms such as fungus, the fungal kingdom, hypha, mycelium, mycorrhiza, saprotroph
  • The range of fungi within the Kingdom Fungi
  • Habitats and ecology of fungi
  • Collecting and recording fungi
  • Documentation and descriptions of fungi
  • Preservation of fungi
  • Fungal identification including the use of keys
  • Differences between some common genera
  • Books and references on fungi