New Journal articles: July 2024

The State Herbarium of South Australia published two article on the genus Hibbertia in Vol. 38 of its journal Swainsona today,11 July 2024.

Hibbertia cunninghamii, flower (left) and amplexicaul leaf (right). Photo: T.A. Hammer.

T.A. Hammer & K.R. Thiele, Revision of the Western Australian Hibbertia cunninghamii species group (Dilleniaceae) (3.9mb PDF).

The authors review Hibbertia cunninghamii and four related species, H. amplexicaulis, H. nymphaea, H. perfoliata and H. porongurupensis, all endemic to south-western WA and are characterised by amplexicaul leaf bases. The circumscriptions of the species is clarified and a revised identification key published. All species are illustrated with colour photographs.

Hibbertia acutifolia flower. Photo: T.A.Hammer.

T.A. Hammer, New combinations in the Hibbertia vestita (Dilleniaceae) species group from New South Wales (15.4mb PDF).

The author presents evidence that two subspecies of Hibbertia from New South Wales are better treated at species level. He changes the names of Hibbertia ericifolia subsp. acutifolia to the species H. acutifolia, and H. florida subsp. angustinervis to H. angustinervis. A table outlining the differences is provided and detailed photographs of leaves and flowers show the morphologies of the species and how they differ from typical Hibbertia ericifolia and H. florida.

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