Herbarium Journal & Flora

This page provides a back-up of the State Herbarium of South Australia’s recent publications, namely the Flora of South Australia (5th edition) and of our journal Swainsona.

Swainsona formosa. Photo: H. Owens.

From Vol. 1 (1979) until Vol. 29 (2015/16) the Herbarium’s journal was known as Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. Back issues of the Journal are available on JSTOR and EnvirodataSA. A few articles from Vol. 29 are also available here.

From Vol. 30, the journal is published under the title Swainsona. Complete volumes of Swainsona are also available on JSTOR. Articles of incomplete volumes are available on EnvirodataSA and on this website (below).

In the near future, back issues of the journal will also be available through BHL.

All PDF files of journal articles are labelled JABGXXPYYY_Zzzz.PDF, with XX = journal volumes, YYY = the first page of the article, and Zzzz = surname of the first author of the journal article.

Supplements to the journal are published at irregular intervals. These are available on JSTOR after a 3 year quarantine period.

Flora of South Australia (5th edition) chapters can also be accessed through this web-page.

Flora chapter PDFs are labelled FSA_Xxxx_YY.PDF, with Xxxx = plant family, and YY = version number of Flora treatment.

Swainsona tenuis. Photo: SA Seed Conservation Centre.