cropped-Flora-Sturt-Pea-logo-512t.pngFlora of South Australia, 5th edition (edited by J. Kellermann)

(1) Most recent versions of the published Flora treatments

(2) Additional Flora chapters & files

(3) Superseded previous versions of treatments (now out-of-date)



The four-volume 4th edition of the Flora of South Australia (edited by J.P. Jessop & H.R. Toelken) was converted to fact sheets that are available on the eFloraSA system via the Census search or Flora fact sheet search pages.

Selected scans from the 4th edition are available here


Identification keys to South Australian plants are available on KeyBase.  The Flora of South Australia KeyBase project contains

  • The key to plant families from the 5th edition to the Flora
  • Keys to genera and species of all published treatments of the 5th edition (see PDFs above)
  • Keys to genera for the remaining plant families are taken from the printed 4th edition of the Flora of South Australia, some keys have been updated. The keys to species will be uploaded in the near future.

Note that the 4th and 5th edition of the Flora use different family classifications. While most family circumscriptions have not changes, a couple of families have been re-arranged.