Herbarium access during WOMAD & Clipsal 500

From 10-13 March 2017 the 25th WOMAD Festival will be held in Botanic Park. During this time access to the State Herbarium of South Australia by car will be difficult for volunteers, Hon. Associates and staff, and parking will be quite restricted. Note that Plane Tree Drive and Botanic Drive will be closed to the public a few days before and after the Festival, from 6 to 16 March.

Detailed explanations of the parking arrangements from can be found here (440kb PDF). Please consider using public transport during this time, or visit us by foot or on your bicycle. The Botanic Gardens are open from 7:15am–6:30pm.

The Clipsal 500 motor sport event will take place in a few days, from 2 to 5 March 2017.  Some roads are already closed and car parks in the surrounding area, including the Botanic Gardens, are filling up — especially since the Adelaide Fringe Festival is also happening at the same time.