Plant identification for forensic applications

The State Herbarium of South Australia is hosting a workshop — Plant identification for forensic applications.

Workshop information for participants

The workshop sessions will be held in the State Herbarium of South Australia (the old Tram Barn A), Adelaide Botanic Garden, Hackney Road. The first session will commence at 9 am.

permit_thumbIf you are driving to the Garden we have arranged limited all day parking for workshop participants. Free parking is available for the two days of the workshop if you park in the 10 hour parking area on Plane Tree Drive and display this permit.

[Note that the parking area in front of the Herbarium is $2.60/h for a maximum of 4 hours]

We will provide morning and afternoon tea along with sandwiches for lunch on both days. Coffee, tea and a few selections of drinks will also be available but if participants have particular drinks they like they should bring them along. A dedicated room is set aside for the duration of the course.

State Herbarium of South Australia staff conducting the workshop:

  • Dr Jürgen Kellerman, Senior Botanist
  • Prof Michelle Waycott, Chief Botanist
  • Mr Chris Brodie, Weeds Botanist

Supplied materials will include copies of lecture slides, reading materials, photographs and other images used for diagnosis and plant identification keys.

Workshop venue map