Kangaroo Island fungi in art

As part of this year’s SALA South Australia’s Living Artists Festival, the National Wine Centre of Australia will host an exhibition featuring art inspired by the fungi of Kangaroo Island.

“Fairy Castle” by Cath Cantlon

How do we Love Thee? Let us count the ways… KI Fungi

Crepidotus sp. Photo by David Catcheside

Fine Art Kangaroo Island presents exciting new works by exceptionally talented celebrated and emerging artists. Thoughtful selections combine fascinating art, pristine natural environment and creative community. Remarkable for large areas of remnant vegetation the island hosts a diversity of unique ecosystems. Interconnected by an extraordinary sense of place 22 artists reveal the obscure delights of fungi — essential for life — often furtive and mostly inconspicuous.

A wide variety of media are exhibited, ranging from jewelry and sculpture, to prints, painting and photographs.

“Mycelium magic” by Fred Peters

State Herbarium Hon. Research Associate and fungi expert Pam Catcheside was heavily involved in the preparation of the exhibition and advising artists and the gallery about mushrooms and toadstools of Kangaroo Island. She will also give a talk at the National Wine Centre on 11 August 2015 at 11 am.

The exhibition is open every day in August, 10am–5pm.