Fundraising for fungi

For about 20 years, State Herbarium Hon. Research Associate Pam Catcheside and her husband David Catcheside from Flinders University are undertaking regular surveys for fungi on Kangaroo Island. They are documenting, describing and photographing the species they find and have contributed numerous specimens of fungi to the State Herbarium of South Australia.

The culmination of their work is currently being prepared as a book, to be published by the Board of the Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium:

The Fungi of Kangaroo Island – and beyond
An illustrated field guide to the larger fungi of Southern Australia

The book will have an extensive introduction on fungi, their classification and where to find them in South Australia. Over 200 species will be described, covering a wide variety of different genera, with one page per species. The volume will have around 400 pages.

The Adelaide Botanic Gardens Foundation is now fundraising to help and off-set some of the publication costs of the volume. Please click on this link for more information on the book and how you can donate. Your help will be much appreciated.

Sample pages from Pam & David Catcheside’s book (click on image to enlarge).