New Journal articles: Feb. 2024 (2)

The State Herbarium of South Australia published two further articles in Vol. 38 of its journal Swainsona today, 19 Feb. 2024.

The new species Hibbertia prorufa, near Sydney. Photo: T.A. Hammer.

(1) H.R. Toelken, Notes on Hibbertia subgen. Hemistemma (Dilleniaceae) – 13. The eastern Australian H. acicularis and H. perhamata groups (4.4mb PDF).

Hon. Research Associate Hellmut Toelken continues his revision of Hibbertia in eastern Australia with this contribution on two groups of species allied to the well-known H. acicularisH. exutiacies and H. rufa. In the paper, 36 species are described in detail, of these 28 are new to science. Most species occur in New South Wales and Queensland, a few also in South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.

(2) D. Nicolle, Transfer of residual species and subspecies from Angophora and Corymbia to Eucalyptus (Myrtaceae) (0.1mb PDF).

In this SHORT COMMUNICATION, Dean Nicolle from the Currency Creek Arboretum publishes several new combinations in the genus Eucalyptus for species that are so far only known as Corymbia or Angophora. This is in order to make the names available to people, who prefer to use a large single genus Eucalyptus, incl. AngophoraCorymbia and the recently published Blackella (Crisp et al. 2024).

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