Bush Blitz Lake Torrens (3)

Herbarium specimens and samples collected on this year’s Bush Blitz expedition to Lake Torrens are currently being processed.  Now that they have been fully dried, pressed specimens will be mounted on acid free paper and silica gel dried leaves for future DNA analyses are stored away safely. The expedition consisted of a team of eleven Bush […]

Bush Blitz Lake Torrens (2)

During the last two weeks, State Herbarium of South Australia staff participated at the Bush Blitz expedition to Lake Torrens. For the second week of the survey, Helen Vonow and Jürgen Kellermann joined the Bush Blitz team, replacing Chelsea Tothill and Chris Brodie who returned to Adelaide. Peter Lang and Dave Armstrong stayed for the full two weeks […]

Bush Blitz Lake Torrens (1)

This year’s Bush Blitz expedition in South Australia targets a large area west of Lake Torrens. Scientists from the State Herbarium of South Australia, the South Australian Museum, Flinders University, The University of Adelaide, Queensland Museum and the National Herbarium of Victoria will explore the area during the next two weeks, surveying plants, fungi, lichens and […]

Bush Blitz reports available

In 2016 and 2017, State Herbarium of South Australia botanists participated in two Bush Blitz expeditions to Lake Torrens and the Great Victoria Desert. The two reports on the collections and findings about plants, fungi and algae were submitted to Bush Blitz soon after the field trips. Part of the information was presented in the […]

What does it mean to be a botanist?

From time to time, we get enquiries from students about our job as a botanist.  State Herbarium of South Australia staff member Chelsea Novice answered these questions recently… What qualifications do you need to become a botanist? Our botanists have a range of backgrounds and qualifications. An education in science is typical and beneficial. Some individuals, however, […]