Botany 2016—symposium details

IMG_2819On 14–15 April, 2016 a special symposium to celebrate the Past, Present and Future of Botanical Research associated with the State Herbarium of South Australia will be held as a part of the SA NRM Science Conference. Following the symposium, a special issue of the then, newly renamed journal Swainsona will be published containing short review papers of many of these presentations.

Botany 2016 — Past, present and future

Convenor: Michelle Waycott, Chief Botanist, State Herbarium of South Australia

Thursday 14 April 2016—Mawson Lecture Theatre (Session 4), starting 11 am

  1. Botany 2016—past, present and future; Michelle Waycott (SH/DEWNR, UoA)
  2. What’s hot in biosystematics and taxonomy in Australasia, and why you need to know about it; Kevin Thiele (Eubio Consulting)
  3. The vegetation history of South Australia; Bob Hill (UoA)
  4. Molecular and isotopic insights into botanical history in South Australia; Cesca McInerney (UoA)
  5. Bioactive natural products and the South Australia flora: the arid zone awaits; Bradley Simpson (FUSA)
  6. Projected climate change implications for the South Australian flora; Greg Guerin (UoA)
  7. Ecologically-guided discovery of bioactive plant compounds; Casey Hall (Griffith University)

Thursday 14 April 2016—Mawson Lecture Theatre (Session 5), starting 1:30 pm

  1. Botany and Science at Adelaide’s Botanic Gardens since the founding of the State Herbarium; Laurie Haegi (SH/DEWNR)
  2. The value of the “other stuff” in collections-based scientific and cultural institutions; Tony Kanellos (BGSA/DEWNR)
  3. Waite Arboretum—past, present and future; Jennifer Gardner (UoA)
  4. History of State Herbarium collections; Graham Bell (SH/DEWNR)
  5. Tales from the type bay of the State Herbarium of South Australia; Robyn Barker (SH/DEWNR)
  6. South Australian lichens—a Kangaroo Island case study; Gintaras Kantvilas (Tasmanian Herbarium)
  7. Fungi and mycological research in South Australia; Pam Catcheside (SH/DEWNR)

Friday 15 April 2016—Braggs Lecture Theatre, 9:30 am

Keynote presentation 7, Day 3—opening session
Professor Michelle Waycott: The grander view of Science—where, how, why and what?

Friday 15 April 2016—Mawson Lecture Theatre (Session 7), starting 11 am

  1. Mapping South Australia’s Pre-European vegetation cover; Tim Croft (SH/DEWNR)
  2. The vascular flora of South Australia; Jürgen Kellermann (SH/DEWNR, UoA)
  3. The next generation of molecular botany in South Australia; Ed Biffin (SH/DEWNR)
  4. Population genetic analysis and conservation implications for Eucalyptus paludicola using genome wide markers; Korjent van Dijk (UoA)
  5. How best do we sample a region’s vascular plant diversity and how representative of a region is the State Herbarium collection?; Bill Barker (SH/DEWNR)
  6. Restoring South Australia’s Native Vegetation; Andy Lowe (UoA)

Friday 15 April 2016—Mawson Lecture Theatre (Session 8), starting 1:30 pm

  1. Conservation status of plants in South Australia: challenges and trends; Peter Copley (DEWNR)
  2. Seed conservation for South Australia; Jenny Guerin (BGSA/DEWNR)
  3. Weird and wonderful plants of South Australia; John Conran (UoA)
  4. Algal advocacy; Bob Baldock (SH/DEWNR)
  5. Bryological research in South Australia; Graham Bell (SH/DEWNR)
  6. Boolean logic and plant names; David Cooke (Biosecurity SA)

We hope you attend in person or virtually in some form (for details on accessing live streaming go to: