Mundulla Primary School Herbarium Project

It’s All About the Plants
Monday, 15 December 2014, 2:00–3:00
Ground Floor Meeting & Lunch Room, Tram Barn

Note changed date and time!

by Dee Provis

Dee Provis, a local naturalist and community volunteer from Mundulla, in the upper South East, has kindly offered to come and tell us about the Mundulla Primary School Herbarium Project she set up. The project involved the State Herbarium’s Weeds Botanist Chris Brodie, who also attended the launch of the project. This is a great example of how different levels of government and the community can partner to achieve positive outcomes for education and the local environment.

The aims of the Herbarium Project are

…To involve students in basic plant science, using both indigenous and exotic plants from our rare Grey Box Grassy Woodland.

To teach students how to:

  • Identify both native plants and exotic species (weeds/garden escapees)
  • Collect, mount, arrange and catalogue plant samples according to the strict protocols required by the State Herbarium
  • Make this information available to the wider community by publications, DVD & website

To increase the body of knowledge held within the local community of both indigenous and exotic plants. This resource will support locals in identifying weeds for removal and facilitate native plant retention and regeneration.

The Herbarium Project has been funded by a Natural Resources Management Action Grant in 2014.

State Herbarium Weeds Botanist Chris Brodie with Mudalla Primary School students during the launch of the Herbarium Project. Photo by Benn Gransden, Border Chronicle.

All Herbarium staff, honoraries, volunteers, students and guests welcome.
Morning tea provided