Richard Tretheway (NRM Board President), Bev and Dean Overton, Damian Miley (DEWNR) (Photo: KI NRM)

What do an adventure tourism operator, a boutique winery and long-time Kangaroo Island residents Bev and Dean Overton have in common? They have all been recognised Kangaroo Island high achievers, for their outstanding efforts in conserving and raising awareness of KI’s natural environment at the Local Achievers Natural Resource Management Board Awards ceremony held on Australia Day.

The award categories included a special Lifetime NRM Achievement Award, which acknowledged Bev and Dean’s contribution to environmental projects in the KI community for more than 35  years. In particular, they have been recognised because they were:

Bev and Dean Overton in their natural habitat (Photo: KI NRM)

In addition, Bev and Dean have been indefatigable contributors to the State Herbarium of South Australia, collecting plant specimens from the island for more than 30 years. They are listed as main or associate collectors on over 4000 herbarium specimens. Bev’s first specimen lodged at AD was collected at Kingscote in Nov. 1983. Both are also long-time friends of many staff and Hon. Associates of the State Herbarium. They have helped with fieldwork on Kangaroo Island, assisted and collaborated in many projects.

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