Did you know this book?

SturtPea 100dpi levelsA few years ago, the Board of the Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium published an authoritative account of the South Australia’s floral emblem, Sturt’s desert pea (Swainsona formosa), one of Australia’s most striking and recognisable flowers.  Written by the late David Symon (former Hon. Research Associate of the State Herbarium) and then Botanic Gardens staff member Manfred Jusaitis, the book gives an insight into the botany of the plant, its discovery and naming, and discusses its biology, propagation and cultivation.  The volume also features chapters on the Sturt pea as a State flower, and its use in decorative and commercial art and literature.  It contains a wealth if knowledge about this plant and is profusely illustrated with many colour illustrations and photographs.

Symon, D. & Jusaitis, M. (2007). Sturt pea: a most splendid plant. (Board of the Botanic Gardens & State Herbarium: Adelaide). 151 pp.

While this is not a new release, it still is the only in-depth account of South Australia’s floral emblem.  It was published in three editions, softcover ($39.95), hardcover ($50) and leather bound ($150), and all three editions are still in stock and available for purchase.  The book makes a great present for friends and family, too.

Volunteers and staff members of the State Herbarium of South Australia are eligible for a discount on this publication.  Please speak to Jürgen Kellermann for more information.  For a list of all books published by the State Herbarium, please go to flora.sa.gov.au/publications.