New Flora chapters published, June 2014

Photo by T.M. Jaques

Microseris lanceolata, native yam daisy

Two chapters of the new, 5th edition of Flora of South Australia were published today, 10 June 2014.

Asteraceae (partly) (6.2mb). This chapter contains treatments of the tribes Cardueae, Cichorieae (formerly called Lactuceae), Helenieae and Tageteae. Over 60, mainly naturalised species of daisies in 30 genera are described by five botanists from Australia and New Zealand: Tony Bean, David Cooke, Avi Holzapfel, Neville Scarlett & Ian Thompson. Further tribes of Asteraceae are in preparation and an update will be published once they are finalised. Some species are illustrated with line-drawings or photographs.

Convolvulaceae (version 2) (2.8 mb). State Herbarium botanists Robyn Barker & Peter Lang have up-dated the treatment by the late Bob Johnson. The family is repesented in South Australia with 36 species in 10 genera. Five photographic plates with colour images of many species were also added to this Flora chapter.

Previous versions of Flora treatments are still available from our Superseded treatments page. The general link to the 5th edition of Flora of South Australia is