New Journal article, Aug. 2014

Rhododendron dissilistellatum

Today, the Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens published an article (700kb PDF) by Lyn Craven describing three new species of Rhododendron from Sulawesi and New Guinea, and new combinations for six other taxa. This is one of the last papers by this author, who submitted the final manuscript three weeks before he passed away in mid-July 2014.

Craven_Lyn_2004Lyn Craven was for many years a research botanist at the Australian National Herbarium, Canberra (CANB), and during the last few years an Honorary Research Fellow at this institution. His research focused on several groups, including Myrtaceae (non-eucalypt genera, especially Syzygium, Eugenia and Melaleuca incl. Callistemon), Malvaceae (Gossypium, Hibiscus), Ericaceae (Rhododendron), Fabaceae (Glycine), Boraginaceae (Heliotropium) and other plants from Australia, Malesia and the Pacific. In collaboration with Brendan Lepschi, he also authored the treatment for several genera of Myrtaceae for the new edition of Flora of South Australia, which will be published later this year. More information on Lyn’s life and work will be published in a forthcoming article in the Australasian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter.

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