New journal articles: July 2021

Trymalium ledifolium var. rosmarinifolium. Photo: J. Kellermann.

The State Herbarium of South Australia published two articles in Vol. 35 of its journal Swainsona online, today, 20 July 2021. In these articles, Jürgen Kellermann (State Herbarium, Adelaide) reviews the typification of several names in Trymalium and with his colleague Anna Monro (Australian National Herbarium, Canberra) publishes names for two Australian orchids.

(1) J. Kellermann, Nomenclature and typification of several pre-1958 names in Trymalium revisited (Rhamnaceae: Pomaderreae). (1.5mb PDF).

The author reviews the typification of six taxa in the genus Trymalium, which occurs in Western Australia and South Australia. Lectotypes are chosen for five current names and several synonyms. Three names for plants cultivated in Paris in the 1840s are also discussed.

(2) J. Kellermann & A. Monro, Validation of two names of Australian orchids. (1.2mb PDF).

In this short communication, the authors validate two names of Australian orchids, which had so far not been published according to the International Code of Nomenclature, even though they are used for many years: Cadetia maideniana and xGlossadenia tutelata. Lectotypes are chosed for both names.

Cadetia maideniana, part of type specimen (CANB).

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