New journal articles, Nov. 2013

Today, 21 Nov. 2013, the last two articles of this year’s volume of the Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens were published online.

Calandrinia mirabilis

David Eric Symon (1920-2011)
by R.M. Barker
reviews the taxonomic work of this well known botanist and former Hon. Associate of the State Herbarium of South Australia, incl. a complete list of his publications and an overview of his plant collections.

Calandrinia mirabilis (Portulacaceae), a spectacular new species from Western Australia with notes on its ecology, seed germination and horticultural potential
by J.G. West & R.J. Chinnock
describes a fascinating new species from arid Western Australia; the article also includes a full-page colour plate by Gilbert Dashorst.

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