Algae revealed: more fact-sheets published

Algae revealed are a series of illustrated fact-sheets on the algal flora of the southern Australian coast. These fact-sheets are created by Bob Baldock, Hon. Associate of the State Herbarium, and contain colour photographs of whole plants and magnified views of important parts and easy-to-use identification keys.

This week, 25 new fact sheets were made available online, as well as 35 updated versions of existing fact-sheet. They can be accessed at or through the Census of South Australian plants, algae and fungi (, by clicking on the MORE button.

Ulva rigida

Some years ago, the content of all six volumes of Prof. H.B.S. Womersley’s Marine benthic flora of southern Australia (1984-1998), text and illustrations, have been converted to fact-sheets, which are also available through the Census. Scans of the original books can be downloaded from our publications web-page.