Herbarium in the news

The recent issue of SA Life magazine featured an article on the State Herbarium of South Australia and its collections. Michelle Waycott (Chief Botanist) & Peter Canty (State Herbarium manager) were interviewed about our work and presented highlights from the herbarium’s collections.

In the Old Tram Barn on the eastern fringe of the Adelaide Botanic Garden, there is a daisy collected by Joseph Banks at Bustard Bay in Queensland on May 23, 1770 […] Nearby is a leek orchid found by Matthew Flinders’s botanist Robert Brown at Port Lincoln in 1803 […] These are not paintings or prints or sketches. These are the very plants collected by Banks, Brown […] up to 244 years ago.

Campbell, L. & Lewis, T. (2014). Rich pickings: A link with Captain Cook is in our midst, at a little-known place that is celebrating 60 years of keeping a close eye on everything that grows in SA. SA Life 11(8): 92-94.

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