State Herbarium open days

On the weekend of 9 & 10 May 2015, the State Herbarium of South Australia was open to the public as part of the About Time: South Australia’s History Festival. This is the fourth year that the State Herbarium has participated in South Australia’s History Month events.

History month 1Over 60 people booked to come on four guided tours, held by Herbarium Manager Peter Canty and several staff members.  Visitors learned about the history of the old trambarn building (1.1MB PDF brochure) and the Municipal Tramways Trust, and the history and work of the State Herbarium. The groups were also shown examples of specimens from the Herbarium, which did not only include pressed plants, but also algae, fungi, mosses and lichens, and saw some of the published outcomes of the Herbarium’s work.

History month 2