New Flora chapters published, June 2016

The new, 5th edition of Flora of South Australia is published online in PDF-form. Today, 3 June 2016, the State Herbarium of South Australia released chapters on two closely related plant families that contain genera that are naturalised or questionably naturalised in the State: Cannabis (hemp, marijuana), Humulus (hop), Celtis (hackberry) and Ulmus (elm).

The Chinese Ulmus parvifolia, naturalised in South Australia. Photo: P.J. Lang.

Traditionally Cannabis and Humulus were the only genera accepted in CannabaceaeUlmaceae consisted of two subfamilies Ulmoideae and Celtoideae (with 7 and 8 genera, respectively). Following new research, the two families were re-circumscribed in 2009 by the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group: (1) Cannabaceae now contains the former subfam. Celtoideae of Ulmaceae, incl. Cannabis and Humulus; according to molecular results, these two genera are actually part of subfam. Celtoideae and this was there fore merged with Cannabaceae. (2) The new Ulmaceae only comprises the genera in former subfam. Ulmoideae.

Ulmaceae (4.6MB PDF): Ulmus.

Cannabaceae (4MB PDF): Cannabis, Celtis & Humulus.

The Flora chapters were authored by State Herbarium botanists Chris Brodie, Peter Lang and Juergen Kellermann (Cannabaceae only).

The general link to the 5th edition of Flora of South Australia is, providing current treatments, glossary, introduction and cover pages for printing. Previous versions of Flora treatments are still available from our Superseded treatments page. The Flora treatments are also available on Enviro Data SA.