New publications June 2013

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Caloplaca piscatorica

On 27 June 2013, the online edition of the Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens published two new taxonomic papers, describing new species of lichens for Australia:

  • G. Kantvilas & S.Y. Kondratyuk: New species of Caloplaca (lichenised Ascomycota: Teloschistaceae) from Kangaroo Island.  PDF (1 MB).
  • P.M. McCarthy & G. Kantvilas: Two new species of Sarcogyne (lichenised Ascomycota: Acarosporaceae) from central and southern Australia. PDF (808 KB).

Please visit to access all available issues of the Journal.

Flora logo GRMDFour updated treatments of plant families of the 5th edition of Flora of South Australia were released on 20 June 2013:

  • D.A. Cooke: Centrolepidaceae (version 2). PDF (1.28 MB).
  • J.P. Jessop & J.G. Conran: Commelinaceae (version 2). PDF (677 KB).
  • N.G. Walsh & J. Kellermann: Papaveraceae (version 2). PDF (645 KB).
  • C.J. Brodie: Passifloraceae (version 2). PDF (1.19 MB).

These Flora chapters feature updated text, and new photographs and illustrations.  Previous version of these chapters are still available on our Superseded Flora treatments page.  All available chapters of the new Flora, as well as the Introduction, Glossary and Key to plant families, can be accessed on