New Swainsona articles: Oct. 2023

Hibbertia fulva, a new species described by T.A. Hammer.

Today, 10 Oct. 2023, the State Herbarium of South Australia published three articles in Vol. 37 of the online version of its journal Swainsona.

(1) T.A. Hammer, Hibbertia fulva (Dilleniaceae), a new species from the Northern Territory in the H. banksii species group (3.5mb PDF).

Tim Hammer (State Herbarium & The University of Adelaide) describes a new species of Hibbertia from north of Pine Creek in the Northern. Territory. It is related to Hibbertia banksii (a species group that was recently revised by H.R. Toelken) and is only known from three collections from a mine lease.

Styphelia browniae, a new species named after NSW botanist Elizabeth Brown (1956–2013).

(2) M. Hislop, Four new species of Western Australian Styphelia (Ericaceae: Epacridoideae: Styphelieae) from the S. marginata subgroup (9.6mb PDF).

With this paper, Mike Hislop (Western Australian Herbarium) continues his description of new species in Styphelia, following a recent molecular analysis, which lead to a new circumscription of the tribe that contains Styphelia. Four new species and Styphelia marginata are described and illustrated; all of them occur in Western Australia.

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