New journal articles: Mar. 2022

The State Herbarium of South Australia published the first three articles in this year’s volume (Vol. 36) of its journal Swainsona online, today, 25 Mar. 2022. All papers deal with fungi and lichens.

Neophyllis melacarpa from Tasmania. Photo: J. Jarman.

(1) G. Kantvilas, The trouble with Neophyllis pachyphylla (lichenised Ascomycetes). (4.2mb PDF).

The author resolves the confusion about the two species of the lichen genus Neophyllis, which consists of one widespread species N. melacarpa, mainly occuring on wood (N.S.W., Victoria, Tasmania and New Zealand), and the rarely seen N. pachyphylla, which grows directly on rock and rocky soils (N.S.W., Victoria, Tasmania).

Lactarius deliciosus. Photos: J. Cooper et al.

(2) J.A. Cooper, J. Nuytink & T. Lebel, Confirming the presence of some introduced Russulaceae species in Australia and New Zealand. (8.6mb PDF)

This study gives an overview of introduced fungi of the genera Russula and Lactarius in Australia andf New Zealand. These often occur in the soil near introduced tree species, but some are now also associated with native trees. Seven Lactarius and six Russula species are described and illustrated in detail. Molecular data confirmed the identifications of the taxa.

(3) T. Lebel, N. Davoodian, M.C. Bloomfield, K. Syme, T.W. May, K. Hosaka & M.A. Castellano, A mixed bag of sequestrate fungi from five different families: Boletaceae, Russulaceae, Psathyrellaceae, Strophariaceae, and Hysterangiaceae. (14mb PDF).

Truffles and truffle-like (sequestrate) fungi occur in many different groups of fungi. In this international collaboration, the authors describe two new genera (Amylotrama and Statesia), seven new species, and make four new combinations for truffles from five different families, occurring in Australia, New Caledonia and Europe

Coprinopsis pulchricaerulea, a new species of truffle-like fungus from New South Wales and New Caledonia. Photos: S. Axford.

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