New journal article: October 2021

The State Herbarium of South Australia published one lichenological paper in Vol. 35 of its journal Swainsona online, today, 29 Oct. 2021.

G. Kantvilas & A.M. Fryday, Validation of Henry Imshaug’s “Ochrolechia alectoronica” (lichenised Ascomycetes, Pertusariales), with notes on O. weymouthii Jatta and a key to the genus Ochrolechia in Tasmania. (2mb PDF).

The authors discuss two species of Ochrolechia and provide a key to all Tasmanian species. One new species is described, Ochrolechia alectoronica, using a manuscript name by Imshaug, that he used on many specimens from two islands in New Zealand’s Southern Ocean: the Auckland and Campbell islands. The species is also found in Tasmania, as is the closely related O. weymouthii, which occurs in Tasmania and Victoria.

More information about Henry Imshaug’s collections, the main set of which is held at the Michigan State University Herbarium (MSU), can be found in an article by Fryday & Prather (130kb PDF).

Ochrolechia alectoronica, a new lichen species from Tasmania and New Zealand’s Campbell & Auckland islands. Photo: J. Jarman.

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