New journal articles: Nov. 2021

Eucalyptus dissimulata subsp. plauta, a new taxon from WA, described by Nicolle & French. Photo: D. Nicolle.

The State Herbarium of South Australia published two articles in Vol. 35 of its journal Swainsona online, today, 18 Nov. 2021.

(1) D. Nicolle & M.E. French. A taxonomic revision of the semi-cryptic narrow-leaved mallees (Eucalyptus series Porantherae, Myrtaceae) from southern Australia. (61mb PDF).

In this large 80-page-monograph, based on extensive observations in the field and herbarium over the last 30 years, the authors revise the semi-cryptic ‘narrow-leaved mallees’, Eucalyptus ser. Porantherae, from southern Australia. They recognise a total of 23 species and 6 subspecies, many of which are described in this paper for the first time. For all taxa in the series, updated descriptions and distributions are provided (including distribution maps), as well as an identification key to the series.

(2) M. Wapstra. Hibbertia mathinnicola (Dilleniaceae), a new endemic species from northeastern Tasmania. (1.6mb PDF).

The new species Hibbertia mathinnicola. Photo. M. Wapstra.

The author describes and illustrates a new endemic species of Hibbertia that is highly localised to northeastern Tasmania. Plants of this species have previously been identified as Hibbertia calycina (DC.) N.A.Wakef., but this species now considered to be restricted to mainland Australia.

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